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Humble Texas Foundation Repair

A home is just as stable as the foundation it’s built upon. The ground on which your home sits goes through many changes over time. The soil contracts and expands, putting a strain on your home’s foundation.

The movements caused by soil changes can damage your foundation and other visible parts of your home. Other damages aren’t as easy to notice, and it takes foundation repair experts to evaluate them accurately.

At Humble Texas Foundation Repair, we’ve got 36+ years of experience in the business, serving residents of the Humble, Texas, area with distinction. Our team consists of highly trained experts with the skills and expertise required to do foundation repair properly. If you’re concerned about the stability of your home’s foundation, call us today at 800-368-6328 for a free estimate.

FoundationMD Company, Humble, TX

With just over 16,000 residents, Humble is a popular location for families looking to buy new homes and put their roots down. While many prospective homeowners go for older properties, others build custom homes. In any case, it’s recommended that homeowners find the right foundation repair company in Humble, Texas, to fix their foundation issues in the future.

FoundationMD understands the Humble area so well, having provided foundation repair services for well over three decades. Apart from Humble, we also serve surrounding areas like Houston, Katy, Clear Lake, Stafford, Missouri City, and many more.

To be the leading foundation repair provider takes a deeper understanding of what’s beneath your home–the type of foundation soil and things that can progressively make any home’s structure unstable. We can get to the root of your foundation problem, stop it in its tracks, and restore your foundation to a better level than before.

Why You Should Have Your Foundation Issues Fixed Immediately

Certain issues can weaken different structural components of your home if you don’t have your foundation problems sorted out as soon as possible. These include beams, piers, wall studs, joists, steel reinforcements, roof trusses, and load-bearing walls.

Since these components are vital for maintaining your home’s overall structural integrity, any foundation issue that affects them might adversely affect the whole structure. As such, waiting to have your home’s foundation repaired might lead to some severe consequences, including:

Costlier Repairs

In most cases, foundation issues begin slowly and worsen over time. For example, most large cracks begin as hairline cracks, gradually spreading and becoming more serious. Moreover, a small unrepaired foundation problem might cause extensive damage over time, such as wall, floor, ceiling, or plumbing issues.

Since severe foundation damage is costlier and more time-consuming to sort out, arranging a foundation inspection right away is the only way to maintain your property’s structural integrity and save money and time. On the flip side, putting off foundation repairs might lead to costly repairs, not to mention irreparable damage.

Water Leaks, Pest Infestations, Dry Rot, and Mold Growth

A moving and shifting foundation usually causes structural displacements all over the whole home. This movement might cause plumbing fixtures to move, too. Since pipes aren’t that flexible, they might break.

Besides being hard to repair, leaky pipes under the slab or inside the walls may go undetected for quite a while. In the meantime, water will keep collecting in different parts of your property, potentially causing pest infestations, dry rot, and mold growth.

Higher Utility Costs

A damaged foundation might result in cracks, crevices, and gaps forming between different areas of your home. Since these openings will let in outside air, your HVAC system might need to work even harder to maintain comfortable temperatures in your Humble, Texas, home. This might drive up your utility bills.

Decreased Property Value

While some buyers may not be put off buying a Humble, TX, home with foundation troubles, a damaged foundation might lower your home’s value by between 10% and 15%. That’s quite a considerable sum to lose, isn’t it?

Potential Loan Approval Challenges

Most lenders won’t approve home loans for houses without a solid foundation. In other words, even if someone is willing to purchase a home with foundation issues, they may find it hard to get financing.

Conversely, suppose a homeowner plans to apply for a refinance or home equity loan and use their property as collateral. In that case, specific foundation problems might stop the loan from being approved.

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It can be tricky to figure out which foundation repair service in Humble, Texas, you can trust to deliver quality services on your property at an affordable price.

With FoundationMD, however, you can rest assured that we’ll do an excellent foundation repair job on your home or business premises.

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