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Richmond Foundation Repair

Expert Foundation Repairs in Richmond, Texas 

Richmond foundation issues are complex for the untrained eye to detect. The earth on which your home stands expands and contracts during wet and dry periods—these continuous movements in the soil cause foundation problems.

Sadly, this is a common problem in Richmond, Texas. And it’s why most residential and commercial property owners in Richmond, Texas, rely on FoundationMD for their foundation repair needs. In these challenging times, we’re the premier specialists to talk to. 

FoundationMD is an industry leader in foundation repairs. With about 40 years of experience, we proudly serve Richmond, Texas, with our exceptional full-service foundation repairs. This includes the latest technology, quality products, and the finest craftsmanship.  

Furthermore, we are BBB award-winning foundation repair specialists with a proven record of successful projects in and out of Richmond, Texas. You can trust FoundationMD to deliver on its promise of exceeding your expectations. 

 FoundationMD Services in the Richmond, Texas Area

 Foundation Repairs:

 We provide foundation repairs to residential and commercial property owners in Richmond, Texas. Your foundation is the pillar holding your building together. So, a slight crack or an unusual movement calls for expert attention. 

 Note that every foundation repair demands a different approach. Therefore, we stabilize our clients’ foundations using different methods. These include concrete piers, mud jacking, concrete press piles, helical steel presses, and steel piers. 

 Crawl Space Repair:

 Moisture and water problems can affect the integrity of your property. So, we offer solutions that make your crawl space healthier. These include encapsulation, a sump pump, insulation, and dehumidifier. In addition, we can recommend water removal, crawl space doors, moisture control, vapor barrier, vent covers, etc. 

 Pier and Beam System Repair:

 FoundationMD has a bird-eye for detecting the early sign of pier and beam collapse. We use various effective methods in solving this structural problem. Our methods include beam replacement, steel push piers, screw jacks, concrete brackets, and reshimming. If you notice a slight shift or rot in your pier and beam system, waste no time contacting us.

 Drainage Correction:

 A poor drainage system around your property threatens your foundation’s integrity. As experts in soil science, we provide proper drainage systems to residents in Richmond, Texas. This helps you protect the foundation of your building, saving your property in the process. Based on your site, we can suggest proper sloping, gutter control, surface drains, and French drains. 

 House Elevating Services:

 Torrential rains, floods, and heavy drainage can cause danger to your property. Lifting becomes the remedy if you want to prevent this challenge. We use our technical know-how, lifting equipment, and decades of experience to elevate your property to any height possible. Our help frees your property from floods, storms, erosion, and falls. 

 FoundationMD Process in Richmond, Texas

 We make it hassle-free to do business with us. Our friendly team of experts will work with you from beginning to end. So, if you need any solution for your residential or commercial property, just be guided by these steps:

 Appointment Booking:

You start the process by calling to discuss your foundation repair needs. Our friendly staff are always available to assist you anytime.  

Evaluate Your Project:

At this stage, one or two of our professionals will assess your foundation request and give you a detailed price plan.  

Date Selection:
Our workers will work hand-in-hand with you to choose a date that suits your schedule.  

Project Begins:
Our certified craftsmen will assemble the needed tools and materials to work on your project. 

Our relationship continues after your project is professionally completed. You’ll receive ongoing support that’s unmatched in the industry.  

Why is FoundationMD Trusted in Richmond, Texas?

 Free Evaluation: 

Richmond residents are confident in our service because we offer a free evaluation. We hate shoddy work, so we thoroughly examine your foundation to present the actual issue and solution. This will save you valuable resources as a client in Richmond, Texas.

 Qualified Artisans:

 Richmond Foundation repair require the highest level of manpower. We have earned residents’ trust in Richmond, Texas, because we use talented, qualified, and certified artisans on each project.  

 Decades of Experience: 

As a property owner in Richmond, Texas, you’ll benefit from our intangible assets. Our company has spent about four decades in this challenging field. Therefore, there’s no foundation issue that we haven’t handled. 

 Lifetime Warranty: 

Property owners in Richmond, Texas, choose us above others because of our promise. We back our exceptional service with a lifetime warranty.