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Spring Texas Foundation Repair

Your home is one of your most valuable investments and where your family members relax and sleep every night. It’s also where you and your nearest and dearest feel comfortable, safe, and secure. 

While people have been building home foundations since time immemorial, these foundations often get damaged and need repairs. Foundation problems can affect your home’s structural integrity. As a result, the supporting walls, roof, and plumbing are a few of the sections that might be affected.

At FoundationMD, we can help repair your foundation and restore it to its original shape. With more than 34 years of experience serving the residents of Spring, Texas, we can guarantee the highest work quality. 

About Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas, has a population of just over 61,000 people and is only a 30-minute drive from Houston, Texas. It’s become a favorite location for many new homeowners wishing to put roots down with their loved ones.

While many people prefer to buy older properties, others have custom homes made for them. It’s advisable for new homeowners to find a reputable foundation repair company to fix foundation problems that can occur further down the line.

FoundationMD knows the Spring area inside out since there are lots of people seeking foundation repair services there. Thanks to the somewhat relaxed home foundation laws in Texas, many homeowners don’t often have to look for foundation repair services.

Finding the right Spring foundation repair company doesn’t have to be a challenge. We serve residents of Spring and its environs, including areas like Houston, Clearlake, Stafford, Missouri City, Katy, and many more. We offer not only commercial foundation repair but also residential foundation repair.

How do I Determine if My Foundation Requires Repair?

There are various reasons why your home’s foundation could be bowing, bulging, or sinking steadily. Calling in a professional foundation repair technician is the best way to find out the root cause of the problem.

The most common reasons why foundation problems occur include climate/weather changes, dry, expanding soils, tree roots, ineffective drainage, and plumbing issues. 

By fixing foundation problems as soon as they occur, you can prevent them from worsening and spare yourself expensive repairs further down the road. Trustworthy foundation repair contractors like those at FoundationMD may help you get to the root of your foundation problems and provide the best solutions.

If you’re noticing certain common warning signs of foundation issues, such as diagonal cracks in the corners, horizontal cracks in walls, inward buckling or bowing of foundation walls, or pipes loosening away from walls, be sure to seek professional assistance as soon as possible. Foundation repair can be costly, but it’s even costlier to not have the issue addressed.

What’s the Cost of Foundation Repair in Spring, Texas?

Various factors play a role in determining the total cost of foundation repair in Spring, Texas. These include the source of the damage, the extent of the damage, and how many helical piers (if applicable) are needed to achieve good results, depending on the homeowner’s project goals.

Some homes may need several helical piers installed inside the foundation and along its perimeter. On the other hand, other homes may need only time and a basic water management system.

In addition, waterproofing prices do vary. In fact, they tend to vary significantly in comparison to leveling a sunken crawl space or concrete slab. Waterproofing costs vary because some property owners want to waterproof only a specific leaky section of their basements. Then again, others decide to waterproof the whole area to have a strong foundation on which they can build a basement for daily use. 

Another key factor that affects the cost of Spring foundation repairs is whether you decide to waterproof your basement from the exterior or interior. If you waterproof it from the interior, you can do so with drainage systems, moisture barriers, or sump pumps. Exterior waterproofing is done outside of the basement wall.

Of course, the former method is more expensive than the latter one.

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If you own a home and live in Spring, Texas, you never have to worry about foundation repair issues. FoundationMD has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced pros to help resolve your foundation problems once and for all. 

We have more than three decades of experience repairing sinking foundations, bulging, bowing, and damaged basement walls. We’ll give you a permanent and affordable fix so you can relax knowing that your home will become stable, safe, and secure again.